And now... Summer Event

And it's no joke. Of course there will be unpleasants and more unpleasants. Little Hitomi, which can be found on the beach on Primeval Isle will introduce all details. Kiss of Eva buff is highly [...] Read more

Litil update

Heyo. We are lazy. I am lazy and somehow i don't want to post message on the site every time when we release new client update. Therefore, today we provide our hyper-super-duper-ultra launcher, [...] Read more

Server maintenance, march 30th.

Heyo. In saturday, march 30th, at 15.00 pm server will be shutdown for maintenance, update, beer drinking etc, etc... Estimated offline time up to 6 hours. Sorry for incovenience. Your favourite [...] Read more

Winter Event

Aden continent was invaded by Ice Monsters. Sexy Demoness Migrena came to Giran and ask you for help. Winter event begins Dec. 03 at 20.00 pm. Phase one: Invasion. Duration: Dec. 03 - Jan. 10. In [...] Read more

X-Mas event.

Our sweet demoness Migrena is back, and she have X-mas gift for you. Met her in Giran, help complete her mission, and receive your rewards! IMPORTANT: please update game client, required patch is [...] Read more

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